It’s all glamour here…

April 21, 2006

Well, if I do say so myself, that was a rather fine spag bol…

But now it’s back to the glamour that is mountain bike magazine editing (at least where I come from…) – namely sitting indoors on a perfectly good Friday night, writing stuff…

Sim and I are in the office tomorrow, working, so he needs work to be getting on with. I did hear a fine story from the world of advertising when I was an advertising student: Tim Delaney, boss of Leagas Delaney advertising is rumoured to have told an employee, ‘If you’re not going to turn up to work on Saturday, then don’t bother showing up for work on Sunday!’

I like to think we’re a little kinder here at STW Towers. (Hey, Ben’s off riding in the Dales this weekend, how nice is that of us to let him have the weekend off, eh?) 🙂
And our team do kick down when time is tight – and kick back a little when it isn’t. After all, if we were a video game magazine, you’d expect to see people ‘reviewing’ video games in work time, but we hardly ever ride during the week, except at night in our own time… We’re probably doing it all wrong…

Right, back to more of the same…


Fingers back to normal

April 20, 2006

Well, we’re in the dull and busy time (not really an oxymoron) at Singletrack. Hundreds of pages to fill and we’re not even sure what’s going on some of them, let alone who’s going to write it…

Contrast this with the email I had from Ferrentino at Bike Magazine yesterday asking for story ideas for their 2007 lot of magazines… And our mag’s on the streets in around two and a half weeks and I don’t know what’s on page 47…

The rest of the pages are pretty cool though 🙂


A Wet Tuesday

April 18, 2006

Well it’s kind of good that it’s raining today… I’ve still got my finger strapped up – and we have 148 pages of magazine to finish in the next nine days – so less playing and more writing…

…after sandwichtime of course.

This issue should be a corker though. AND it’s our five year anniversary this month.


Bank Holiday Riding

April 18, 2006

Finally got to ride today. Went out with the Kids and Rachel. We are off to Canada in the summer and we all need to get some miles in to make sure we get the most out of the holiday. It was a step up in technical trails for Thomas (10) and Sam(7) and they both shined in completely opposite ways. Thomas was a climbing master but timid on the descents while Sam was pushing up but hardly hit the brakes in so many scary ways on the downs.

At the end of the ride Thomas cleaned a climb that I never did the first time I tried it. I was 26 back then. I was really proud in a wierdly embarrassing kind of way 🙂

Back home I learned Smoke On The Water on guitar 🙂
Top day all round


And the verdict is in…

April 17, 2006

Well, just back from Calderdale Royal Hospital who confirmed a dislocated pinkie. The doctor apologised about causing lots of pain before he pulled my finger (snigger…) and it didn’t actually hurt. Once the circulation came back though and I could bend it it hurt a little more, but not too bad really. Next time I’ll pop it back myself 🙂

He recommended painkillers, but I don’t have any, so I’ve got a pint of wine instead.

That’ll do just fine. Now to sub Craig’s 3400 word story that’s due in tomorrow morning.

Strapped up Chipps

It started well…

April 17, 2006

Well, it started well. A Bank Holiday Monday easy spin over to Hebden and back. Nothing too difficult – well, until I tried to ride the short, loose descent that has always eluded me here. It’s only about 30m long and has a mix of funny angled fixed rocks with a sprinkling of loose round rocks around them. Normally they’re wet and normally there’s an audience and I walk, but inspired by my freeriding week in Spain last month I decided to ride.

I didn’t really crash, more just got it wrong and bailed off sideways. I landed inelegantly and put my hands down. Well, I must have caught something or hit an uneven bit of the jaggy rocks because as I picked myself up I realised my right little finger had gone numb and would only bend at the bottom knuckle joint. I pulled my glove off to see that it had gone kind of ‘Z’ shaped around the end, top knuckle… Hmm… Thinking I might have dislocated it (can you dislocate that joint?) I tried bending it back. It bent, but stayed put.

I did the rest of my ride, (kind of downhill to my house) in a sort of ‘pinkie out drinking tea style’…

Now it’s been iced and is twice the size and throbs… Makes typing difficult (though only for the keys ‘p’ and ‘?’ really…) – not too convenient as it’s deadline fortnight and I have at least 3000 words to write this week… Oh well, eh? Rough with the smooth and all that…

Broken Chipps

Riding on a weekday…

April 17, 2006

Bike riding on a Monday – that’s a rarity for me – though it is a Bank Holiday, so probably doesn’t count…

Another day and another fine ride. My mate Nick Wallis came over on Saturday night and we rode on Sunday. Out for over four hours, taking in some of my favourite trails, but also ranging far and wide and discovering some new bits too. Finally rode a trail that I’d seen on the map for ages, but had never ridden. It turned out to be a corker (and it’s even a bridleway!).

Nick gives a much better account on his site so I’ll let you read it there.
Sore legs today, but I’m just going to go out anyway because it seems that Spring might be finally here. And if it isn’t, then I’m going to enjoy the weather before the rains come again.

Bikes are great, aren’t they?